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Dewy Pink Tulip

Floralana Flowers was started by myself Lana Jeeves in 2022, growing Flowers in their natural seasons, with no pesticides. I grow local, fresh, hand picked Flowers from our base in Mid Wales, 5 miles from the Shropshire and Powys border on a piece of land near Welshpool, overlooking the glorious Welsh mountains. Providing sustainable fresh and dried flowers for your own requirements, beautifully arranged with the upmost care and attention. 

There is something very special and gratifying about sowing a seed or planting a bulb and watching it grow and develop into the most colourful and beautifully scented flower, full of shape and texture. Growing and working with the rhythms of nature and immersing ourselves in the beauty of our landscape.

I spent most of my childhood surrounded by nature, as I was lucky enough to be able to walk to my local woodland nature reserve with my family and our dog Shandy.  I would spend lots of time, exploring the earth, watching the insect life doing their thing and climbing the trees, it was my happy place! 
Nowadays my happy place is my patch of land, growing flowers from seeds and bulbs and caring for them until they develop. I have created an area which once was a sheep grazing field into a haven for Bees and Butterflies, improving the soil and working with the rhythms of the seasons with no pesticides and no air miles.
After spending much of my career as a Children's Nursery Nurse working for a private Nursery and then self employed,  I decided to go back to school and do something else that I also loved, and that was creative. Winding on a couple of years, when the Floristry course was coming to an end, I found work as a florist in a local village Florist shop and afterwards in my local town shop.  Having lived in London when I was younger I decided to head back there to gain some invaluable experience in a larger, high end retail Florists at Jane Packer flowers in London.
Whilst studying Floristry I had decided that I wanted to grow my own Seasonal Flowers and work with nature, sharing them with my local community and spreading the word about Sustainable British Flowers.  After leaving my job in  London and coming to live in Mid Wales I knew it was the right time and place and Floralana Flowers was born!

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