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Seasonal Farewell flowers

Farewell Casket Spray 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 

Beautiful natural spray that is placed on top of the Casket. It is designed to be deconstructed and shared by the family or placed within the church,  flowers may vary, depending on the season.

IMG_20230622_181047_674 - Copy.jpg

Natural Farewell/Memorial Wreath in 3 sizes

Naural seasonal Wreath which is a round willow and/or Birch frame that is covered in sustainably and locally grown moss.  All the ingredients will go back to the earth.  Flowers may vary depending on season

Natural Farewell Sheaf, 4 sizes available


A Farewell Sheaf that is full of Seasonal flowers and foliage and tied in natural raffia. 

20220309_160418 (1).jpg
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