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Seeds, Seeds and more Seeds!

Happy New Year everyone! I Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones if you celebrate it and lets Wish that the coming year brings us all Health and happiness.

Well my greenhouse is bursting at the seams with Hardy annual seeds at the moment. I got a little bit carried away with the amount of Delphinium seeds that i sowed. The good thing about this is that the Delph flower does dry well so if I have surplus then I can easily dry them. When you think that 1 packet of seeds has the potential to grow tonnes of plants. Its not always the case, sometimes there's only maybe 10 seeds to a packet, it really does depend on what they are.

I have been sowing steadily since last September, just to name a few are Sweet peas, Ami majus, Achillea, Delphinium, Callistephus and anemones. I'm also growing many, many Ranunculus plants, which will flower in April hopefully. At my field I have planted lots of different bulb varieties of daffodils and tulips, which are interspersed with Alliums, as its said that companion planting helps to stop the bulbs from getting eaten by the wildlife. We will see if it works! You see when you have nurtured a plant from seed, carefully controlling the climate, watering and of course talking to them the last thing you want is a rabbit or mouse to gobble them up!

I am still taking orders through the winter and answering Wedding and Event enquiries, aswell as using the time to catch up on paperwork, planning and preparing my beds and trying to create a graph that will tell me what, when and where to sow for the upcoming seasons.

Growing flowers to sustain a Floristry business requires a great deal of intricate planning as you can imagine. Making sure you have a plentiful supply of different varieties flowering when you need them is no mean feat. This year will be a learning year I figure as this is my first full year of growing.

I will keep you updated with what is happening throughout the year and if there is any questions or queries I can help you with then please do get in touch by calling, emailing or popping me a message.

ooh also I hope you are enjoying reading my posts from the Flowerfarmerama challenge!! Im definitely enjoying writing them.

Anyway Stay safe everyone

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